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«Pasta la vista»

Development of packaging concept «Pasta La Vista»

Development of trademark and package for Pasta La Vista macaroni products. Italy is the homeland of pasta, macaroni and spaghetti. It is the only place in the world where hundreds of exotic kinds of macaroni products exist and provide an enormous range of tastes and opportunities to cook a multitude of delicious cooking masterpieces.

Pasta La Vista – it is a brand which covers a wide range of various hand-made macaroni products manufactured in accordance with traditional Italian recipes and using only ecologically clean products

of highest quality.

It was required to develop naming, the corporate style and brand communication, as well as the product package. Original naming – Pasta La Vista – reflects emotional essence of Italian soul and cuisine while the word Pasta perfectly reveals the category that the product belongs to.

Considering the key feature of the brand, which is hand-made manufacturing, we have decided to introduce four characters into the corporate style and package since the pasta is made by some certain persons, these are Mario, Francesco, Giovanni and Francesca. Therefore, every package depicts one of the characters – an Italian chef in the process of cooking. All the illustrations are performed

in a bright original manner that communicates the temperament and exclusiveness of the trademark.

In addition to that, the product in the package can be seen as hair of one of the characters neatly tuck under the cook’s cap which also serves as a package element that provides access to the product. All that allows receiving pasta directly from the “hands” of the Italian chef. It is a wonderful way to convert your kitchen into an Italian restaurant having collected all of the characters.